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Braces for Straighter Teeth

Making braces comfortable and effective are what we strive for at Focus on Dental. Ensuring the latest in teeth straightening methods and technology are applied for your most comfortable experience.

Braces are used for a number of conditions that involve moving a tooth or all teeth into a new position. Any kind of alignment issue such as Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, large gaps etc are usually treated with braces. While braces are mainly cosmetic in their application they can also assist with curing other issues in the long term such as, aiding serious dental conditions such as misaligned and underdeveloped jaws.

Braces are usually recommended for children so as to assist with their continual growth and development. An orthodontic assessment is recommended for anyone in any age group (however mainly for children between 6-8 years) to see if you require standard braces or another alternative treatment.

What types of Braces are there?

Metal Braces use a metal wire and anchor points on the front of each tooth to re-align the teeth into the desired alignment. These are usually the best option for standard teeth alignment treatment.

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